Quality Control Inspector

Company Name:
Koch Davis
The Quality Control Inspector will be required to perform visual inspection regarding the semiconductor assembled product.
Basic responsibilities of the Quality Control Inspector role:
- Ensure Product and raw material, and finish products comply with the company standards.
- Provide direct reports to the Quality Manager.
- Analyze and enter test / inspection results in system.
- Make use of Microscope in order to conduct visual inspection on the semiconductor assembled product.
- Follow company procedures, instructions and policies.
- Document non-conformance DMR, and inspections' results including discrepancies' detailed descriptions.
- Ensure quality acceptance of the final and in-process product before the direct shipment to the client using the visual inspection.
The Quality Control Inspector must be able to:
- Move to the other inspection areas if the workload is low.
- Solid attention to details, 100% commitment to high quality standards and accuracy.
- Ability to point out priorities in order to ensure on-time completions of company reports or / and non-conformance items in order to support production.
- Solid self management skills.
- Trustworthiness and honesty, as well as ability to friendly communicate with the other people.
- Ability to get the work done with 0% supervision.
- Positive approach / attitude and punctuality.
- Prior experience in Product Inspection area, preferably within the assembly semiconductor industry.
- Ability to work with MS Excel and data entering.
- Familiarity with Microscope.
- Ability to work in accordance with the oral and written procedures.
Bachelor's Degree
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