Construction Project Manager

Pre Project Development-Initiation
? Architectural review for new locations:
Timelines, delivery dates, opening dates, landlord and tenant responsibilities, barricade, and charge backs.
? Review budget
? Review exhibits from lease, review As-Builds from architect, review shoe wall layouts.
? Hire As-Build and MEP architect
? Release shoe wall layouts and measurements to cabinet shops and assign contract date.
? Submit plans to the city- expedite and follow up with plan checkers.
? Search for contractors from local markets/mall referrals.
? Compare bids and finalize bids and schedules.
? Hire contractor and finalize contract.
? Forward all contracts to Immediate Manager/CEO/CFO or Executive team for approval and final signature.
Project Execution- Controlling and Monitoring
? Meet mall operational manager (Onsite visit)
? Meet contractor and qualify super on the job
? Review and compare demo plans after demo has been completed
? Make adjustments with architect to fix the design (as needed)
? Follow up with cabinet shops to ensure they meet deadline
? Receive from contractor a take-off list of owner's supplied materials and ship date.
? Confirm contractor has storage container for owner's supplied materials.
? Have contractor sign off on materials received and ensure that no material was damaged.
? Ensure that contractor knows that owner will not ship additional supplied materials unless paid for by contractor.
? Ensure all owner supplied materials are delivered on time.
? Schedule conference calls twice a week with the super and contractor.
? Request pictures and schedule updates from contractor
? Respond to request for information (RFIs) timely to avoid delays in project
? Ensure all change orders are legitimate. Respond to change orders immediately to avoid delays.
? Schedule weekly meetings with Immediate Manager CEO, CFO and any other parties necessary for project status and updates.
? Visit store mid-way construction (Onsite visit)
? Deal with pay applications along the way with Nevada Construction Services (NCS)
? Make sure all subs are on record and are being paid
? Forward 21-day notices received from subcontractors or contractor to NCS
? All subcontractors must be verified on pay applications
? All subcontractors must be accounted for payment release and 21-day notices.
? Ensure all lien releases are received
? Provide budget updates to CEO and CFO.
? Submit all invoices to CEO/CFO for final approval.
? Notify all appropriate departments at Shoe Palace Corporate Offices (SPC) of construction schedule at least 60 days before delivery date to prepare accordingly. Provide updates throughout life of project.
? Accounting Department- Bank account set up, tax ID numbers, business license, workers compensation policy additions,
? Buying Department and Distribution- Inventory and merchandise delivery dates
? HR Department- hiring of personnel
? Retail Operations - recruiting managements staff and training along with travel arrangements to open the store.
? Work closely with VP of Operations to ensure inventory is available for all stores. Manage materials, delivery dates and availability along with warehouse operations team.
? Schedule/follow up with phone companies and surveillance companies for installation.
? Order backroom shelving and request engineering plans for installation.
? Ensure inspections are on schedule
? Make calls to city inspectors to help push through inspections and for support on meeting deadlines.
? Get involved with delayed inspections
? Visit site to do walkthrough with contractor and create a punch list (dated and signed by contractor and PM)
? Be involved in value engineering throughout the life of the project.
Relocation/Remodels/Warranty Claims-
? Relocation and remodels will follow the same process of new projects, with a few exceptions. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager (PM) to identify and eliminate steps that may not be necessary for relocations or remodels.
? Project manager will also monitor existing locations for warranty defects or claims.
? Work closely with Facilities and Maintenance personnel to ensure that all existing projects are in good condition.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.