Senior Electrical Engineer

The Senior Electrical Engineer will be responsible for all electrical/electronic design aspects of a product development project. This position will work with a team of mechanical, optical, software engineers, and others to ensure all factors related to electrical / electronic have been considered. This is including but not limited to circuit design, analysis, PCBA layout, component selection, cable/ harness design / layout, assembly and test.
The position required design experience in instrumentation projects which covered some of the below, and familiarity with majority of the rest:
Motor, robot control.
Fluidic control (pumps, valves, solenoids, pressure, vacuum sensors, ‚€ )
Thermal control (thermal cycler, PID, temperature, ...)
Analog circuits design (low noise, high bandwidth, low drift, ‚€ )
Data acquisition circuits.
Desirable if familiar with selection and implementation of a FPGA / CPLD into a system design
Digital circuits.
Selection and use of Microcontrollers such as with PIC or ARM.
Hands on with hand tools for soldering, rework, crimping, etc‚€
Design for Regulatory Compliance (such as IEC-61010 and CE)
Participate in cross-functional team to develop requirements.
Generate approach / plan with time line to input to project management.
Generate system block diagram.
Develop system power requirement, I/O interface, control scheme.
Design required boards or evaluate and select commercial off-the-shelf solutions to support system functional requirements.
Supervise the internal or external layout of the required board.
Select components, generate BOM, order parts, PCB and interface with vendors to get boards assembled.
Design detailed interconnect diagram and wire list to make cables and harnesses.
Test and integrate sub-system into system.
Generate all required documents to transfer to production.
Assist customer in getting product into production.
MSEE (or related technical discipline) and 10+ years of directly related experience.
Or BSEE (or related technical discipline) and 15+ years of directly related experience.
Or equivalent level of education and concrete experience.
Experience with design and development of instrumentation for medical device or life science applications.
Experienced in using a major commercial schematics capture and PCBA layout package such as OrCAD, Allegro, Altium ‚€ for medium level of complexity board design (e.g. system controller board).
Analytical skills; written and oral communication; strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills; creativity to develop an original solution; ability to work in a cross-functional team; ability to work independently with minimal supervision; ability to estimate and negotiate project schedules with management and then adhere to those schedule; experience in design for testability, serviceability, and manufacturability.

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